Natali Helberger on News Recommendation Systems for Media Apocalypse from Yale Law School

Prof. Natali Helberger was invited by the Information Society Project (ISP) at Yale Law School to contribute in a series of discussions with experts about the current crisis roiling journalism in the United States and what they might do about it. The discussion was about diversity in news recommenders and the government of algorithmic recommendation systems.

The Information Society Project (ISP) at Yale Law School is an intellectual center addressing issues at the intersection of law, technology and society.

The series is sponsored by the Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression.

  • RonNell Andersen Jones, Lee E. Teitelbaum Professor of Law, S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah
  • Jack Balkin, Knight Professor of Constitutional Law and the First Amendment, Yale Law School
  • Sandra Baron, Senior Fellow and Visting Clinical Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School
  • Natali Helberger, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam
  • Scott Shapiro, Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, Yale Law School