Information Law Series

Onder de redactionele verantwoordelijkheid van het Instituut voor Informatierecht publiceert Kluwer Law International de Information Law Series. Professor Hugenholtz is editor-in-chief. De volgende delen zijn reeds in deze reeks gepubliceerd:

32. Open Source Software and Intellectual Property Rights, V.N. Vasudeva, 2014, ISBN 9789041152282.
31. The Variable Scope of the Exclusive Economic Rights in Copyright, S. Depreeuw, 2014, ISBN 9789041149152.
30. Protection of Geographic Names in International Law and Domain Name System Policy, H.A. Forrest, 2013, ISBN 9789041146823.
29. Codification of European Copyright Law: Challenges and Perspectives, T-E. Synodinou, 2012, ISBN 9789041141453.
28. Digital Consumers and the Law: Towards a Cohesive European Framework, N. Helberger, L.M.C.R. Guibault, M. Loos, C. Mak, L. Pessers & B. van der Sloot, 2012, ISBN 9789041140494.
27. Search Engine Freedom: On the Implications of the Right to Freedom of Expression for the Legal Governance of Web Search Engines, J. van Hoboken, 2012, ISBN 9789041141286.
26. Media Pluralism and European Law, E. Komorek, 2012, ISBN 9789041138941.
25. Copyright and the Challenge of the New, B. Sherman & L. Wiseman, 2012, ISBN 9789041136695.
24. Property Rights in Personal Data: A European Perspective, N. Purtova, 2012, ISBN 9789041138026.
23. Formalities in Copyright Law: An Analysis of their History, Rationales and Possible Future, S. van Gompel, 2011, ISBN 9789041134189.
22. Trademark Protection and Freedom of Expression: An Inquiry into the Conflict between Trademark Rights and Freedom of Expression under European Law, Wolfgang Sakulin, 2011, ISBN 9789041134158.

21. Copyright Enforcement and the Internet, I.A. Stamatoudi, 2010, ISBN 9789041133465.
20. The Software Interface between Copyright and Competition Law: A Legal Analysis of Interoperability in Computer Programs, A. van Rooijen, 2010, ISBN 9789041131935.
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18. Intellectual Property and Human Rights: Enhanced Edition of Copyright and Human Rights, P.L.C. Torremans, 2008, ISBN 9789041126535.
17. Public Broadcasting and European Law: A Comparative Examination of Public Service Obligations in Six Member States, I. Katsirea, 2008, ISBN 9789041125002.
16. The Future of the Public Domain: Identifying the Commons in Information Law, L.M.C.R. Guibault & P.B. Hugenholtz, 2006, ISBN 9789041124357.
Chapter 1: The Future of the Public Domain. An introduction.
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14. Copyright and Human Rights: Freedom of Expression – Intellectual Property – Privacy, P.L.C. Torremans, 2004, ISBN 9041122788.
13. Copyright, Limitations and the Three-Step Test: An Analysis of the Three-Step Test in International and EC Copyright Law, M. Senftleben, 2004, ISBN 9041122672.
12. Choice of Law in Copyright and Related Rights: Alternatives to the Lex Protectionis, M.M.M. van Eechoud, 2003, ISBN 9041120718.
11. The Commodification of Information, N. Elkin-Koren & N. Weinstock Netanel, 2002, ISBN 9041198769.
10. Data Protection Law: Approaching its Rationale, Logic and Limits, L.A. Bygrave, 2002, ISBN 9041198709.
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3. Challenges to the Creator Doctrine: Authorship, Copyright Ownership and the Exploitation of Creative Works in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, J.M.B. Seignette, 1994, ISBN 9065448764.
2. Information Law Towards the 21st Century, W.F. Korthals Altes, E.J. Dommering, P.B. Hugenholtz & J.J.C. Kabel, 1992, ISBN 9065446273.
1. Protecting Works of Fact: Copyright, Freedom of Expression and Information Law, E.J. Dommering & P.B. Hugenholtz, 1991, ISBN 9065445676.