Dr. S.J.R. Bostyn

UvA Profiel

Sven Bostyn (LLB, LL.M law; PhD law) is Assistant Professor of Intellectual Property Law, Institute for Information Law (IVIR), University of Amsterdam and also Associate Professor of Biomedical Innovation Law at the Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL http://jura.ku.dk/cebil/  ), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. He also lectures at the Institute for Information Law (IVIR) of the University of Amsterdam and is Visiting Professor (chargé de cours invité) at the Université de Liège. He is also a regular lecturer on CEIPI courses in Strasbourg.

Sven is one of the most prominent authorities in Europe in the area of patent law in general and in life sciences (including patent law relating to pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, SPC’s, software and artificial intelligence) in particular. He has written extensively on most areas of patent law, and apart from those subjects already mentioned, he has also published in the field of plant patent protection, plant variety rights, software related inventions, European and international harmonization of patent law and the Unitary Patent system.

He was member of a Scientific Advisory Committee at the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (Gene Patents Committee) and was from 2013-2016 the Chair of the Expert Committee at the European Commission on the development and implications of patent law in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering, after having been a member of and Rapporteur at an earlier European Commission Expert Group (between 2003 and 2005). Besides the European Commission, he has also advised both the Belgian and Dutch governments on policy regarding patentability of biotechnological and pharmaceutical inventions. He was recently one of the lead researchers in a study commissioned by the Dutch ministries of Health and Economic Affairs and Climate regarding protection mechanisms for pharmaceuticals (SPC’s, data and market exclusivity, paediatric extensions, orphan drug designations and competition law issues relating to pharmaceuticals).

Sven is a regular speaker on international conferences, where he speaks on a wide variety of topics, including IP protection in life sciences, pharma patents, SPC’s, regulatory exclusivities in life science, IP issues relating to software and artificial intelligence, patent protection for plants and plant variety rights systems.