Prof. C.H. de Vreese

Claes de Vreese is Distinguished University Professor of AI & Society at the University of Amsterdam with a special focus on AI, media and democracy. He also holds the Chair of Political Communication at The Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam and is a fellow at IViR.

He's the founding inaugural scientific director of the Digital Democracy Center at SDU and member of the Danish Institute for Advanced Studies. He was the founding director of the Center for Politics and Communication and co-direct the University of Amsterdam initiatives Information, Communication & the Data Society (ICDS), Human(e) AI, and Digital Communication Methods Lab.

His research interests span from media, public opinion, and electoral behaviour to the role of data and AI in democratic processes. He also served as President of the International Communication Association. His term started in 2019 and he was President Elect 19/20 and President 20/21.