IViR Lecture Series

IViR frequently organizes lectures where we invite scholars to talk about their research.
Below an overview of the lectures from 2021 on.


  • Biometrics and the Registration and Authentication of Voters: Is there a Global Trend? by Colin Bennett on 23 June 2023;
  • Leveraging the EU Charter of fundamental rights in digital rights strategic litigation by Alexandra Giannopoulou on 2 June 2023;
  • Regulating Artificial Innovation and Information: Is IP Law Up to the Task?, Distinguished IViR Lecture by Daniel Gervais on 16 May 2023;
  • Informational Capitalism, Digital Infrastructures and Information Society Governance by Julie Cohen on 21 April 2023;
  • Regulation for a More Democratic Internet: Lessons from Communications Regulation & Antitrust Law by Dwayne Winseck on 3 February 2023.


  • Platform Effects: How Algorithmic Intermediaries Shape Attention to News by Nick Diakopoulos on 9 December 2022;
  • Access to Medicine During Pandemics: Is Compulsory Licensing the Answer? by Sapna Kumar on 11 October 2022;
  • Effective AI regulation in the face of global interdependence by Daniel Mugge on 9 September 2022;
  • Information Policies of the Coronavirus Crisis by Ádám Földes on 3 June 2022;
  • Towards a fair balance in the digitised music industry: setting the tone by Jozefien Vanherpe on 31 May 2022;
  • The Influencer Republic: Monetizing Political Speech on Social Media by Catalina Goanta & Giovanni De Gregorio on 29 April 2022;
  • (Ir)Responsible Legislature? Speech Risks under the EU’s Rules on Delegated Digital Enforcement by Martin Husovec on 25 March 2022;
  • Empathy in Digital Government by Sofia Ranchordás on 4 February 2022.


  • Towards Platform Observability by Jeanette Hofmann and Bernhard Rieder on 28 May 2021;
  • Copyright Law 2030 – A memorandum on the future of the creative ecosystem in Europe by Michael Grünberger on 30 April 2021;
  • Regulating Digital Gatekeepers by Rupprecht Podszun on 25 June 2021;
  • “Infrastructuring” Digital Sovereignty? by Francesca Musiani on 29 October 2021;
  • Research Exceptions in Comparative Copyright by Sean Flynn on 4 November 2021;
  • How to regulate AI? by Mireille Hildebrandt on 26 November 2021.